Autocut system is one of the newest dispensers and the best solution for controlled consumption. This type of dispenser is observed to optimize the consumption supplies up to 30% – 40%. Each puff is releasing a paper towel length of 23.0 cm and avoids excessive consumption.
This is the best solution for highly loaded bathrooms. The compact dimensions are making Autocut suitable for any space, large or small. The manual system requires no electrical power. Made of impact-resistant, fire retardant ABS plastic the system of Autocut, allows each piece of paper to be torned off without touching roll and thereby prevents the transmission of germs and reaches maximum hygiene
Autocut – refills. Different types of rolls 150/250 meters, 2/3 plies.
The AUTOCUT dispenser of PULITO is distinguished by its compact size and innovative design.
Made by impact-resistant, fire retardant ABS plastic.
Refill – towel roll 150 m./250 m. – 2 ply/3 ply
Sizes: 37.5×34.5×24 cm
Capacity: up to 250 m. Roll
Available in colors: white