Dispenser for foam
Thw foam hand dispenser has a capacity of 1000 ml as a filler and grants 2500 doses of foam. This is 3 times more than other dispensers for liquid soap. In addition, each time you press the dispenser it releases O.4 city. foam, unlike conventional dispensers that release 1 to 2 g. per dose depending on density.
The refill is completely airtight, and this provides maximum hygiene. Also, the liquid in the cartridge does not have any contact with the dispenser or air so that there is no risk of possible contamination. It can be easily refilled and removed and installed in seconds.
The dispenser is made of impact-resistant, fire retardant ABS plastic.
Refill – hands foam 1000 ml. – 2500 doses / wash
Sizes: 27,5×11,8×11.0 cm
Capacity: 1000 ml.
Available in colors: white/black