The dispenser for folded hand towels is the most popular dispenser for drying hands. The supply system “one by one” cloth makes this type of dispenser so rated-iIntelligent and low-cost dispenser. Available in two types depending on the used refill: Z folded hand towels or V folded hand towels.
With the dispenser for folded hand towels the user does not need to touch the device which prevents the transfer of germs and reaches better hygiene.
The dispenser for folded hand towels is easy to use, the paper bundle can be easily changed in seconds. It has a locking system for maximum security.
Made by impact-resistant, fire retardant ABS plastic.
Refill – folded hand towels. Bulk 150/180/200/250 sheets – 2 plies
Sizes: 31.0×27.0x10.0 cm
Capacity: 300 sheets
Available in colors: white/black